Red Cross

Red Cross is an international humanitarian organisation. If anyone gets wounded up we serve them with a medical aid. We have Red Cross students on a rota standing out to control the traffic in front of our school campus. We maintain the children by advising them as not to run in corridors and not to fight and push others. We also make them drink water as it is good for health. Red Cross means "Charity in the Clash of Aims".

Scouts & Guides

Our school had organized scouts on 8th December 2005. A Scout is a "Friend to all in the world and brother to every scout". Our school motto is "Be Prepared". This means you are always in a state of eagerness in body and mind to do your duty.

People who love to do social activities can become a member of the Scouts Guides. The dress is Navy Blue in colour with a belt, cap and a red scarf around the neck.

People who enroll themselves in this unit are ought to maintain the discipline and cleanliness of the school. In our school scouts is compulsory for classes VI to VIII. We have our Scouts Rota. According to the Rota three combatants would be standing out of our school to look after the traffic out of the school campus. We clean the playground of the school, class rooms and we even do gardening. We do our best to make others strong/active and enable them to do the right things.


This school has a vast ground which is used only for games. Games are a compulsory activity for children since it develops the child's mental and physical abilities. The school insists on Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Cricket and other such sports that increase the student's enthusiasm. Inter-House matches are held on a periodic basis which improves the child's capacity to work as a team. Though the school does not have a swimming pool in it's premises, it has toiled for the past decade to produce a good swimming team and it is proud of that. The school has also hosted Non-Medalist Meets for the State. The students who are good at athletics are tested during the Inter-House Athletic Meet. It involves two days of competition, determination and combined effort. Sports being part of the curriculum has also been accepted by the students with eagerness. The P.T.Blazon highlights the uniqueness of Vikasa in the field of sports.

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