Admission to ICSE( V, VII, VIII)
for June 2015
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  • To watch our School programme that came in DD Pothigai click on the following link http://www.kalvipaarvai.in/vikasaschool
  • FIRST SEMESTER III Language Exam (Cl V - VIII) will be conducted on 27th October 2014
  • School will function half day from 30th October 2014 to 8th November 2014.
  • English Paper I for classes VI to VIII will be held on 28th October Forenoon and English Paper II will be held on 28th October Afternoon
  • Inter House Cricket Match Results Junior Boys: I - Portia, II - Lantana, III - Mulata, IV - Oleander Senior Boys: I - Portia, II - Oleander, III - Lantana, IV - Mulata House Position: I - Portia, II - Lantana, III - Oleander, IV - Mulata
  • Inter House Volleyball Results 2014- 15 Junior Boys: I - Portia, II - Mulata, III - Lantana, IV - Oleander
  • Junior Girls: I - Portia, II - Lantana, III - Mulata, IV - Oleander
  • Senior Boys: I - Portia, II - Mulata, III - Lantana, IV - Oleander
  • Senior Girls: I - Portia, II - Mulata, III - Lantana, IV Oleander
  • House Points: I - Portia, II - Mulata, III - Lantana, IV - Oleander
  • Inter House Carrom Competition Results 2014 - 15
  • House Position: I - Portia, II - Oleander, III - Mulata, IV - Lantana
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    01 Mar 15Holiday
    02 Mar 15English Recitation Competition Week (Cl. I - V). Outside Assembly With Marchpast.
    03 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    04 Mar 15Regular Working Day – Mass Drill (VI & Above), Circle Time Juniors.
    05 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    06 Mar 15Mandram(Cl. V-VIII) & Hindi Sabha Examination (Cl .V – VII). UKG Quiz Competition.
    07 Mar 15Inter House Swimming Competition.
    08 Mar 15International Woman’s Day. Holiday.
    09 Mar 15II Lang Recitation Competition Week (Cl. I - V)
    10 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    11 Mar 15Inter House Poster Making Competition – Circle Time Seniors, House Activity – Juniors. LKG Quiz Competition
    12 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    13 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    14 Mar 15P.T. Meeting KG – Cl. VIII
    15 Mar 15World Disabled Day.
    16 Mar 15 Final Revision Exam – Cl. IX & XI.
    17 Mar 15Regular Working Day.
    18 Mar 15GK Exam Cl. VI – VIII. Mass Drill Juniors.
    19 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    20 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    21 Mar 15World Forestry Day. Telugu New Year-Holiday.
    22 Mar 15World Day for Water.
    23 Mar 15UKG Spelling Bee Competition.
    24 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    25 Mar 15III Lang Exam Cl. V – VII, Hindi Sabha Exam for Cl. VIII. Circle Time Juniors.
    26 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    27 Mar 15Regular Working Day
    28 Mar 15Holiday.
    29 Mar 15Holiday.
    30 Mar 15II Semester Exam for Cl. VIII & Below (ICSE & IGCSE)
    31 Mar 15II Semester Exam.
    01 Apr 15II Semester Exam
    02 Apr 15II Semester Exam
    03 Apr 15Good Friday – Holiday
    04 Apr 15Holiday
    05 Apr 15Easter
    06 Apr 15II Semester Exam
    07 Apr 15II Semester Exam
    08 Apr 15II Semester Exam
    09 Apr 15II Semester Exam
    10 Apr 15II Semester Exam.Last working day for Class VIII & below. House break up party.
    11 Apr 15Holiday.
    12 Apr 15Holiday.
    13 Apr 15Summer Camp Commences. Special class for Cl IX & XI
    14 Apr 15Ambedkar Jeyanthi. Tamil New Year – Holiday.
    15 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    16 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    17 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    18 Apr 15World Heritage Day.
    19 Apr 15Holiday
    20 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    21 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    22 Apr 15Earth Day
    23 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    24 Apr 15Regular Working Day
    25 Apr 15Summer Camp Ends. Last Working Day for Cl IX & XI
    26 Apr 15School Closes for Summer Holidays.
    27 Apr 15Holiday
    28 Apr 15Holiday
    29 Apr 15Holiday
    Registration Details ICSE( V, VII, VIII) and IGCSE(V, VI, VII, VIII)- Registration for admission open on 2nd FEB.15 at 10 am and closes on 6th FEB.15 at 3.30 pm.

    About us
    The Vikasa School at Tuticorin, a unit of PSTS Foundation, is run with a motive of imparting quality education to the fast developing Port- town. The school started with 64 children in a rented building in June 1996. Now it is housed in 2 buildings with a built-in area of 43150 sq.ft. with around 1450 children as its student strength and with over 100 members of the teaching faculty.
    Vikasa School The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, which is an All-India Board and the children appear for ICSE examination in class X, XI, XII.
    Admission to all classes will be decided on the basis of counselling and screening sessions whereas for Hr. Sec. classes it is based on the Board Examination scores cum interview. Application forms for admission to the schools can be had from the School Office. Completed application forms should be sent to the School Office within a stipulated date.
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